Cleaner Production Project 2011 – Batik Industry


Cleaner Technology Unit, Department of Environment Malaysia is happy to announce a cleaner production project to help Malaysian batik manufacturers employ cleaner production. The state of Kelantan was identified to host the project because of large base of small and medium scale batik manufacturers.

This project is carried out with Department of Environment Kelantan and the expertise of consultants from Universiti Malaya Consultation Unit . Project duration is for two years, starting April 2011 and ends April 2013.

Main objective of the project is the reduction of waste water through implementation of suitable cleaner production options. This focus will address the main problem of batik manufacturing where large volumes of waste water containing chemicals and waxes are produced.

The project can be divided into the following steps:

  1. Development of project framework
  2. Selection of suitable batik premise
  3. Cleaner production audits at the selected batik premise
  4. Generation of cleaner production options and start the design of water treatment system
  5. Implementation of selected cleaner production options and fabrication of water treatment system

Cleaner production implementation activities at the premise will be evaluated and monitored for one year to measure the level of effectiveness and success of cleaner production at the premise.

In addition, two roadshow will be conducted to promote the project, one in Kelantan and one at National level. Moreover, one Cleaner Production Batik Workshop will be conducted to share information and project findings with Malaysian batik manufacturing community.

Snapshots from Batik Project meetings and discussions:

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