Malaysian History


The term Cleaner Production was coined by the United Nations Environment Programme in 1989, and is interchangeably used with the terms Cleaner Technology, Waste Minimization and Pollution Prevention.

Cleaner Technology was introduced in Malaysia in January 1996, through projects under the Danish Cooperation for Environment and Development (DANCED), a technical cooperation programme between Government of Malaysia and Government of Denmark.

The projects which implemented by SIRIM, promoted Cleaner Technology through activities such as environmental and energy audits, demonstration sites and information dissemination with few selected Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).  Under this program, SIRIM offers two types of services i.e., Cleaner Technology Extension Services (CTES) and Cleaner Technology Information Service (CTIS).

Since then, the Department of Environment (DOE) Malaysia has embarked on many projects to further promote CP among the SMEs in the country.

Pollution Prevention&Abatement Handbook 1998: Towards Cleaner Production
CTI Workshop on Energy Efficiency among Asian Countries; 18 -27 October, 2004; ICETT, Japan

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