Glossary S-T

Sanitary sewers Underground pipes that carry off only domestic or industrial waste, not stormwater.
Secondary Treatment In wastewater treatment, the conversion of the suspended, colloidal and dissolved organics remaining after primary treatment into a microbial mass with is then removed in a second sedimentation process. Secondary treatment included both the biological process and the associated sedimentation process.
Secured landfill A landfill which has containment measures such as liners and a leachate collection system so that materials placed in the landfill will not migrate into the surrounding soil, air and water.
Sedimentation Letting solids settle out of wastewater by gravity during wastewater treatment.
Sewage The waste and wastewater produced by residential and commercial establishments and discharged into sewers.
Sewage sludge Sludge produced at a municipal treatment works.
Site remediation The process of cleaning up a hazardous waste disposal site that has either been abandoned or that those responsible either refuse to cleanup or are financially unable to cleanup.
Siting Obtaining government (federal, state, and local) permission to construct an environmental processing, treatment, or disposal facility at a given site.
Sludge A semisolid residue from any of a number of air or water treatment processes. Sludge can be a hazardous waste.
Solid waste Non liquid, non soluble materials, ranging from municipal garbage to industrial wastes that contain complex and sometimes hazardous substances. Solid wastes include sewage sludge, agricultural refuse, demolition wastes, and mining residues. Technically, solid wastes also refer to liquids and gases in containers.
Solid waste disposal The final placement of refuse that is not salvaged or recycled.
Solid waste management Supervised handling of waste materials from their source through recovery processes to disposal.
Source reduction The elimination or reduction of the waste at the source by modification of the actual process which produces the waste.
Suspended solid Small particles of solid pollutants that float on the surface of or are suspended in sewage or other liquids. They resist removal by conventional means.
Total Suspended Solids(TSS) A measure of the suspended solids in wastewater, effluent or water bodies.

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