Cleaner Production is ‘the continuous application of an integrated preventive environmental strategy applied to processes, products, and services to increase eco-efficiency and reduce risks to humans and the environment’. Cleaner Production can be applied to the processes used in any industry, to product themselves and to various services provided in society.

For production processes, Cleaner production results from one or a combination of conserving raw materials, water and energy; eliminating toxic and dangerous raw materials, and reduction of all emissions and wastes at the source.

For products, Cleaner Production strategy focuses on reducing the environmental, health and safety impacts along the entire life cycle of a product from raw materials extraction to the ultimate disposal of the products.

For services, Cleaner Production reduces the environmental impacts of the service provided over the entire life cycle, from system design and use to the entire consumption of resources required providing the services.

Reference: United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP)

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