What is CPVC?
CPVC is an acronym for Cleaner Production Virtual Centre

Who owns CPVC?
CPVC is owned and maintained by Cleaner Technology Unit, Department of Environment Malaysia. CPVC was developed for by consultants from Consultation Unit University of Malaya (UPUM). CPVC started life in 2007 as a part of a Cleaner Production consultation project and underwent a number of developments ever since.

What is function of CPVC?
CPVC is a website to promote and provide information regarding Cleaner Production. CPVC target audiences are Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises. Nevertheless, other interested parties are welcome to browse and digest the information within.

Other than information what else are available?
In addition to CPVC, Cleaner Technology Unit, Department of Environment Malaysia also developed two additional web based tools i.e. Cleaner Production Implementation Tools (CPIT) and Malaysia Cleaner Production Information Database (MCPID).

CPIT is a Cleaner Production audit tool to help and assist Malaysia Small and Medium Enterprises perform their own Cleaner Production audit. A registration and screening process is required before a user will be given an account to use the system.

MCPID is a website to collect information and data on Cleaner Production activities and culture among Malaysia companies. Currently, this website is intended for Department of Environment Malaysia use only.

Who can I contact to get more information or help?
You can call or email Cleaner Technology Unit, Department of Environment Malaysia. Click here for the contact list.

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