Other Associated Regulations

  1. Exclusive Economic Zone Act, 1984
  2. Custom Duties (Amendment) (No.35) Order 1989 (made under the Customs Act 1967)
  3. Promotion of Investment (Promoted Activities and Products) (Amendment) (No.10) Order 1990 (made under the Promotion of Investment Act, 1986)
  4. Customs (Prohibition of Import) Order 1998, (Amendment) 2006, P.U. (A) 434
  5. Customs (Prohibition of Export) Order 1998, (Amendment) 2006, P.U. (A) 433
  6. Sarawak Natural Resources and Environment (Prescribed Activities) Order 1994
  7. Sabah Conservation of Environment (Prescribed Activities) Order 1999
  8. Exclusive Economic Zone (Appointment of Authoritized Officer) Order 2001[P.U. (A) 35/2001]

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