The following case studies illustrate the savings made by some companies by adopting Cleaner Production practices. You can find out more by clicking on the links.

  1. Samsung SDI (M) Sdn.Bhd.(Colour Picture Tubes manufacturer), which has implemented recycling activities to minimise usage of raw material. Information including net annual savings cost and payback period is also included. Continue Reading
  2. Texas Instruments (M) Sdn.Bhd.(Semiconductor and Control electronics component manufacturer), which has implemented cleaner production options which are die saw water recycling, cooling tower water treatment, automatic collection of dust from laser symbol operation, process simplification and reduction of chemical and oil usage, elimination of TCE and solder usage, and also reduction of hydraulic oil usage. Continue Reading
  3. Cleaner production initiatives taken by Taiyo Yuden (Sarawak) Sdn.Bhd., involved in semiconductor industry with a goal to improve quality of wastewater discharged and emissions, reducing usage of plastic pet-film, energy saving and also to reduce sludge generation. The improvements led to RM150,000 savings/year. Continue Reading
  4. Environmentally sound technologies adopted in Malayan Cement Industries Sdn.Bhd. The Cleaner Production was initiated with a goal to control air emission and noise level. Continue Reading
  5. Cleaner production options adopted in Carsem (M) Sdn.Bhd.(Semiconductor industry), which are chemicals recycling and scheduled waste reduction. Improvement led to RM40,000 savings/year with a payback period of 1 year. Continue Reading
  6. Wastewater reduction and recycling options implemented in the Fermpro Sdn.Bhd.(Industrial ethanol manufacturer). The water recovery led to RM 495,000 savings/year with a payback period of 4 years. Continue Reading
  7. Cleaner production initiative adopted in National Semiconductor Sdn.Bhd. to reduce water usage and wastewater discharged. As a result of the project, consumption of raw water has been reduced by 39,000 m3/year with saving of RM82,000/year. Continue Reading.
  8. Cleaner production initiatives adopted in Kilang Sadur Letrik Quality Sdn.Bhd.(QEP), focusing on reduction in water and chemicals usage. As a result of the project, volume of wastewater discharge has been reduced and a total saving of RM160,000/year has been achieved. Continue Reading
  9. Cleaner production initiatives adopted in In’Joy Marketing (M) Sdn.Bhd (a fruit juice manufacturer), focusing on energy and water savings. As a result of the project, water consumption and water treatment cost have been reduced by 40% and 23% savings in fuel oil usage. Continue Reading
  10. Waste heat recovery from hot wastewater and steam condensate implemented in Xie Li Dyeing (M) Sdn.Bhd. As a result of the project, fuel consumption and emission have been reduced to 30% with annual savings of RM150,000/year. Continue Reading

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